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Drive technology

... Precise in every direction

Turned parts operate efficiently, economically, and ecologically only when they fit together precisely and run smoothly.

Our know-how and decades of market experience guarantee you a drive for your high-end product, even in the micro-range, that provides the highest precision coupled with low wear and abrasion.

Each day, we meet the challenge of optimizing precision turned parts for drive technology. For drive systems, reducing size and weight is always relevant. In particular, it is necessary to take into consideration changes in temperature when systems run for long periods and in the widest range of locations.
We implement all your requirements.

Our precision turned parts move things forward in:

  • Micro-motors
  • Hybrid drives
  • Electric drives
  • Solar drives
  • Wind energy
  • Water power
  • Conveyor belts

Micro-motors are used in very unique places – on the moon or at the bottom of the sea. Under such extreme conditions, a perfectly functioning drive is imperative. With our precision turned parts, your motor will never stop!

Take advantage of our know-how!
You'll be astonished. With Roth as your partner ... Your success is our focus!