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Medical technology

... Precise support

Being able to move means living longer and with more quality of life.

Our many years of experience and know-how, effective solutions, and unbeatable quality make us an indispensable partner for precision turned parts and assemblies for implants, hospital equipment and special tools in the area of medical technology. 

We know what it means to be a supplier in the field of medical technology, and we are conscious of patient safety. Whether as implant, in hospital equipment, or as special tools, with us, it's "high quality + safety first." We consistently implement this principle in our precision turned parts and assemblies.

Our top quality components are used in the medical products market as

  • Medical implants
  • Special tools in dentistry
  • Special tools in microsurgery
  • Surgical instruments
  • Arthroscopic instruments
  • Bone millers
  • Bone screws
  • Connectors for oxygen systems
  • High-precision spindles for eye lasers 

and meet the highest requirements of medical technology.

Take advantage of our know-how!
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