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Plumbing fixtures

... Precise to the last drop

Water means life ... Day in, day out, our precision turned parts ensure that your plumbing fixtures provide good, reliable access to water in your bathroom and kitchen.

The world market has different requirements and expectations for your plumbing fixtures. Whether chrome plated, gold plated, brushed, polished, shot blasted, or rust-free fixtures, we offer exactly what you want.

We know the country-specific requirements for raw materials, such as nonferrous metals or stainless steels, for our precision turned parts – no matter where in the world you deliver your fixtures.
In order to economically cover the great raw material needs in the production of precision turned parts for armatures, we work together with suppliers worldwide, who guarantee us special prices and you, too, profit from these price advantages!

It's all in the details!
Rust-free fixtures can display various turning patterns.
This cannot be seen until you assemble your fixture from the individual parts. We produce all precision turned parts for you – all from Roth for your beautifully formed fixtures.

All our precision turned parts are TOP quality and have been prepared with great care for the final touch. Surface Finish is guaranteed by individual packaging.

You find Roth in just about every home ... unconsciously for you, but consciously
for us.
High-quality precision turned parts "made by ROTH" and "made in Switzerland."

Take advantage of our know-how!
You'll be astonished. With Roth as your partner ... Your success is our focus!